Jen Kuhn – Cello Overdubs, Session 1

On Saturday, we had an afternoon session to start getting the cello parts added to the basic tracks for the Special Opps studio album. It was a fairly relaxed session since we experienced some delays due to hard drive issues at the beginning of it. So Jen used that time to practice and I used that time to relax (which was great since I had a pretty hectic week). Since we did several tracks of cello, we only worked on two songs, Beware of the Random Factor andTelepathy on Mars? and we had a real nice time. It’s so great hearing these arrangements finally really come to life in the studio. Jen’s a monster player and being the veteran in the band, I’m really grateful that she’s lended her talents to my music for so long.

It looks like we’re going to have to wait awhile to get into the studio again, but that will actually be a blessing because it will give me some time to focus on other things like getting the live album out (We finished the artwork tonight!) and

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